Have you deleted important data from USB flash drive?

Have you accidentally deleted important files from your flash drive? Did an anti-virus scan deleted all your important data? Do not freak out!! We often hear users regretting that they themselves or their siblings have accidentally deleted their important data like college project files, business reports etc. Sometimes even an anti-virus scan deletes important files from their storage media. Most of the times user is left behind in a situation craving to find deleted files from flash memory. This situation can even happen to Mac users and it turn out to be a frustrating for them. However, there is a tool available to find deleted files from flash drive. This tool has been designed using advanced module that supports in almost all operating system including both Windows and Mac OS. Mac.

There is always a chance of deletion of important data not only from Windows and Mac OS but also from flash drive. One can easily understand how it feels for a person after he discovers that some of his important business documents get deleted. There are many reasons behind such scenarios. You must be thinking that you can get them back from your Recycle Bin or Trash but in this case it is not possible because the deleted files will not go to Recycle Bin at all. You immediately need to use a reliable data retrieval tool to find deleted files from flash drive.

Some of the common scenarios for deletion of files from flash drive are:

Accidental Deletion: Most of the user often does this careless mistake most of the times. In a hurry, user may unwarily delete entire folder instead of deleting a particular single file from it by pressing "Shift + Del" or "Command + Del" in their Windows or Mac computer.

Command prompt deletion: Some of the user prefers using their system command prompt to delete a single file or multiple folders from their flash drive. While using the command prompt user there are chances that user may enter a wrong path name for a file to be deleted.After that, you can find deleted files from flash drive using this application.

Virus attack: whenever storage media gets affected by viral threats then it may affect your file system of the flash drive. The stored data becomes inaccessible to the user. Sometimes the folders and files extension will get changed and you cannot access them at all.

Accidental Format: Instead of formatting a drive of their local system while the flash drive is connected to the computer, user may unknowingly or unintentionally format their USB flash drive. This results in complete deletion of several files and folders.

This tool serves as a multi-functional kit to find deleted files from flash driveas and it works in all Operating system and user no more has to worry how to perform corrupted flash drive data recovery. It has built-in deep scanning algorithm that helps searching and recovering files within fraction of time by performing rigorous scan through the drive. Just follow the link http://www.flashmemoryrecovery.org/undelete-card-pictures.html to see how this amazing tool can even capable of recovering deleted pictures, songs and other media files easily. Click here to know more about restoring flash memory files deleted due to various scenarios.

Steps to find deleted files from flash drive:

Step 1: Download the software and on launching it you can see the main window as displayed in the figure 1.

Find Deleted Files from Flash Drive - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Select the flash drive from the list of drives as shown in figure 2.

Undelete Data from USB Drive - Select Flash Drive

Figure 2: Select Flash Drive

Step 3: Recovered files from flash drive are displayed as shown in figure 3.

Get Back Data from USB Flash Drive - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files

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