Wants to save data from corrupted flash drive?

Flash drives are the non-volatile portable storage drives which are used in most of the digital gadgets to store files. Since flash drives are compact and small in size with huge storage space they are widely used in camcorders, cell phones and digital cameras. Most of the times flash drives deal with digital media files like pictures, videos and music files. Like other storage drives, flash drives can also get corrupt due to some unforeseen reasons. Unfortunately there are some critical times in which most of the users lose their vital files stored on flash cards due to corruption. In case if you have lost some vital files and thinking about how to bring them back, then here is a most feasible solution for you. Though there are several efficient tools available in the market, however, when it comes to recover and save files from corrupted flash drive, Flash Memory Recovery is the best tool in the world.

Prior to save files from corrupted flash drive, let us have a walk though the common reasons for losing data from flash drives. Few common scenarios for flash drive data loss are listed here.

  • Sometimes while transferring or sinking files from flash drive to computer, if you abruptly eject flash drive, it will interrupt the read or write process and sometimes it results in flash drive corruption. In order to access such corrupted flash drive it needs to be formatted which ultimately erases all files stored on it.
  • When you insert flash drive into digital camera/camcorder or connected to computer, it pops up a message like do you want to format it now. Most often format error occurs due of file system error and sometimes it leads to inaccessibility of flash drive. To use such flash drives further it's necessary to be formatted. Suppose such drives have some vital files, then user will lose them.

With some preventive measures you can evade data loss from flash drives due to its corruption but some worst cases are really unavoidable. No need to worry even after losing data due to flash drive corruption, as data can be rescued using some this efficient tool, before overwriting the flash drive with new data. This tool scans the entire flash drive from which the files have been deleted or lost and save files from corrupted flash drive.

Irrespective of the cause, this tool will save files from corrupted flash drive in few simple mouse clicks. In addition to flash drives, USB drive data rescue tool can also recuperate files from corrupted or inaccessible memory cards, USB drives, hard disks, iPods, external hard disks, FireWire drives etc. It rescues more than 300 types of files from flash drives including photos, videos, text documents, spreadsheets, digital RAW pictures etc. Moreover, one can use this efficient software to get back flash drive data on Mac and Windows based computers.

Steps to rescue data from corrupt flash drive

Step 1: Download and install this software on your system and then launch it to see the main wizard as displayed in the figure A.

Save Files from Corrupted Flash Drive - Main Wizard

Figure A: Main Wizard

Step 2: Select the corrupted flash drive from the list of logical drives as shown in figure B.

Corrupted Flash Drive Recovery - Select Corrupt Flash Drive

Figure B: Select Corrupt Flash Drive

Step 3: Rescued files from flash drive are displayed as shown in figure C.

Restore Files from Corrupted Flash Drive - Rescued Files

Figure C: Rescued Files

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